An arm lift is a cosmetic surgical operation to enhance the look of your upper arms’ undersides. Extra skin and fat are removed from the area between the armpit and the elbow during an arm lift, commonly referred to as a brachioplasty. To give the appearance of additional tone, the remaining skin is reapplied over the freshly realigned features.

Why is it done?

The skin on your upper arms changes as you age, drooping and becoming loose. The undersides of your upper arms may droop if you lose a lot of weight.

Exercise can help the upper arm muscles get stronger and more toned, but it cannot address extra skin that has lost its suppleness.

If the backs of your upper arms are drooping, you might decide to get an arm lift. Your body image may also improve with an arm lift.

What to expect

Sometimes sedation and local anaesthetic are used during the treatment to numb only a portion of your body. In other situations, general anesthesia—which knocks you out—is advised.

After the Procedure

Your incisions will be bandaged after an arm lift. To reduce swelling, your arms will be loosely bandaged with elastic. Your arms can be inserted with little tubes to drain any extra blood or fluid.

Within a day or two after your arm lift, you’ll probably meet with a member of your plastic surgery team. If you have been using a drainage tube, he or she might take it out. To reduce swelling, plastic surgeons may advise you to wear a compression sleeve for a few weeks.

Results from arm lifts often last for a long time. However, keep in mind that as you age, your skin may naturally lose some firmness and some drooping may happen. You can keep your results by keeping a steady and healthy weight.