Correcting Teeth Through Invisalign

For adults and teenagers who wish to discreetly straighten their teeth, Invisalign transparent aligners are a popular option. You will need to wear a series of removable, perfectly fitting clear aligners during an Invisalign procedure to progressively shift your teeth into their ideal position. Invisalign is a more aesthetically pleasing and cozy alternative to conventional braces for straightening your teeth.

Advantages of Invisalign

  • They are removeable.
  • They are almost invisible.
  • Does not interfere with oral hygiene
  • No dietary restrictions.
  • Saves you time with the dentist.

How Does Invisalign Works?

As was mentioned before, Invisalign is an orthodontic procedure that straightens teeth. What does that actually imply, though? Here is how Invisalign functions.

Your dentist use Invisalign to move your teeth using clear aligners that were created from computer-generated photos and impressions of your mouth. As opposed to the traditional brace, which uses fixed wires to “pull” the teeth into alignment, Invisalign uses a series of molds to gradually move your teeth into their ideal positions over the course of months.

How long should I wear Invisalign?

There are a few things you can do to assist minimize the time it takes for clear aligners like Invisalign® to begin working, but the usual time is around 8-18 months. You’ll soon be flashing a straight, gorgeous grin if you pay close attention to your orthodontist’s recommendations and perform as instructed.

To find out if transparent aligners like Invisalign® are right for you, schedule an orthodontic evaluation to determine your candidacy and get an idea of how long it will take for them to start working.