There are numerous efficient treatments available to address various skin problems on the body or face. Mesotherapy is currently among the most well-liked medical procedures in Dubai. Mesotherapy is the ideal treatment for such skin disorders if you have cellulite or if your skin is becoming dull with aging. Mesotherapy enhances hair growth as well as skin texture, skin acne, and skin pigmentation. Different Mesotherapy Treatment Serums are used by the practitioner.
Vitamins are directly injected into the skin using a derma roller or a series of tiny needles to produce the best benefits.

Am I a right candidate?

Whoever is dealing with the following skin problems and wants to eliminate them:
Fine lines and wrinkles
Loss of Skin Volume
Stretch marks
Hair loss problems
Skin dullness

Pre-Treatment Instruction

Before beginning the mesotherapy treatment, avoid direct sun exposure.
Drink lots of water.
Avoid all beverages with caffeine the night before receiving mesotherapy treatment.
Get a good night sleep.

Post Treatment Care

After receiving mesotherapy treatment, the patient must refrain from touching or massaging the area of skin that was treated.
Avoid being outside in the sun.
Apply sunscreen before going outside as directed by your doctor to prevent sun damage.
After treatment, refrain from using any skincare products for at least two to three days.
After receiving mesotherapy treatment, refrain from taking a hot bath for at least one or two days.