PRP Subcision Treatment in Dubai

Discover the transformative power of PRP Subcision at Renew & Revive Polyclinic, Dubai. Tailored treatments for radiant and revitalized skin.

PRP Subcision, an advanced skin rejuvenation technique at Renew & Revive Polyclinic, utilizes platelet-rich plasma to stimulate collagen and target deep scars. This personalized approach ensures smoother skin texture, reduced scarring, and a radiant complexion for lasting beauty.

Choose Renew & Revive Polyclinic in Jumeirah 3, Dubai, for PRP Subcision and experience specialized care from our skilled team. With cutting-edge techniques and a commitment to your skin's health, we deliver transformative results, making us your trusted choice for radiant skin renewal.

PRP Subcision Unveiled: Dubai’s Innovative Skin Rejuvenation  

A Comprehensive Guide to Skin Rejuvenation

Ever wondered about PRP Subcision? It’s not just a treatment; it’s a revolutionary aesthetic procedure at the forefront of skin renewal in Dubai. Subcision with Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is a cutting-edge solution tailored to address the visible signs of acne scars, wrinkles, and various skin imperfections, delivering transformative results.

How It Works:

  • PRP Extraction: Begin with the extraction of PRP, a concentrated solution derived from the patient’s own platelets.
  • Strategic Injection: PRP is strategically injected into targeted areas, stimulating collagen production and fostering tissue regeneration.
  • Subcision Technique: Employ subcision, a technique targeting the release of tethered scar tissue beneath the skin.


  • Reduced Acne Scarring: Experience a noticeable improvement in the appearance of acne scars.
  • Improved Skin Elasticity: Enhance skin texture and elasticity for a more youthful look.
  • Youthful Radiance: Achieve a more radiant complexion through natural healing and rejuvenation.

This innovative approach promotes natural healing and rejuvenation, resulting in smoother and more even-toned skin. With its non-surgical nature and minimal downtime, PRP Subcision emerges as a safe and effective solution for achieving comprehensive skin renewal and revitalization in Dubai.

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