Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Are you looking for a top endodontist in Dubai?

If so, don’t wait. We are here to assist you. A first-rated root canal procedure is provided by Renew & Revive Polyclinic using state-of-the-art technology. Our dentists are skilled professionals that understands how to resolve your issue. They are skilled at extracting the contaminated pulp with gentle handling and no discomfort. The procedure is rapid and long-lasting, taking only a few hours out of your hectic schedule. 

At Renew& Revive Polyclinic, hundreds of patients have surgery each year and are cared for. Our dentists are equipped to provide top-notch services in a welcoming and comfortable setting. Contact our clinic if you are in excruciating pain or have a swollen gum.

The exceptional services provided by our dentists are available to you at a reasonable cost.

What is the significance?

Root canal therapy is the ideal remedy for irritated tooth pulp. It is very important since a broken tooth could eventually cause serious oral health issues. Some of them are really unpleasant and will disturb your restful sleep.

Examine the following oral conditions that may develop if the injured pulp is not treated;

  • Illness that spreads to the mouth or teeth
  • Neck, face, ear, and head discomfort that is intolerable
  • Heart, immune system, and neurological system effects
  • Losing contact with the impacted tooth

Is a root canal necessary for me?

Visit our dental care facility immediately if your gums are swollen and painful and you are experiencing ongoing tooth discomfort. Our dentists will provide the best root canal treatment utilizing cutting-edge methods and equipment if the problem is in your pulp and cannot be resolved with a tooth filling procedure. Without further delay, our root canal specialist will address the issue as soon as possible.

 Contact us right away if you experience any of the following signs that you might require a root canal:

  • Severe tooth ache when chewing or eating
  • Sensitivities while consuming hot or cold foods and beverages
  • Swelling of the jaws or cheeks
  • Abscessed tooth or bleeding gums

Can I eat post my session?

As you are still feeling the effects of the anesthetic, our dentists advise against eating for the first several hours. But after a while, you can eat soft foods like soup, cereal, eggs, and other things that won’t put too much strain on your teeth. Additionally, they advise against consuming hot or cold food or beverages.

Can I brush my teeth after my procedure?

If your dentists advise against brushing your teeth in a tricky scenario, you should undoubtedly follow their advice. If not, you’re free to clean or floss your teeth as you normally would.